Being Nocturnal

I recently discovered according to my chart I am nocturnal and it is really starting to make sense…

I always felt at night the most natural and comfortable as if it was who I am. It always used to feel so unnatural for me to be indoors at nighttime. I felt I wanted to be outside and I would go almost every night outside for hours. Go for a walk down to the sea, dance, lay out in the sand dunes and watch the stars. It always felt so unnatural and upsetting when I would have to go back indoors at night time. It always felt like my element and my favorite time to be in nature.

I love to walk in the dark I always have. I would take walks in nature, very often I would go to the nearby forest in the dark and hang out with the peacocks, and owls. I would dance and just be. With no light too, my eyes adjust to the darkness after a while. I love that..always always felt like that was me.
Starting from the time of sunset I felt I was coming alive that that was my time. Perhaps nighttime also is the unknown, I am very comfortable in the unknown.

I just realized this as I was dancing outside in the dark which is my favorite thing in the world to do. I would always go out dancing by myself at nighttime. I always waited until sunset or after never before. The later the better I felt when the moon was out. Perhaps that’s why I always had a resonance to owls and bats too? I don’t know. I just feel so comfortable at night, the smell, the quiet, it feels so alive to me….

And of course my main totems whatever you want to call it are the porcupine and wolf so there you go! Plus I am told I have skunk, badger and coyote in me so they all come alive at night  😉


A friend of mine commented “maybe we are seeing a landscape in an external world, and at night perhaps more of an inner landscape projected into a quiet theatre?”

I thought that was lovely….


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