Sage and July’s Horse Whispers

I always liked horses like every other animal but was never particularly drawn to them. I never desired to ride them. I had a couple of experiences as a child where I was almost thrown off. I never trusted them to ride them or felt safe. Back home a friend of mine had three horses I was  offered to ride them several times actually my friend kept trying to get me to do it but I did not feel that level of trust with them. In Thailand I had ridden an elephant which felt very comfortable and there was no fear but not a horse.


   This summer it took me a while to notice but down the road from me there  is a stable with these two horses. Mister Sage and Miss July.


  One day I noticed this horse. The horse from a distance walked up as close as it could get as there was the fence, and we just communicated and stared at each other. I was magnetized by this horse! It is such an amazing being!  I felt I would totally ride this horse no questions asked even though I have never had the desire to do so and have had many opportunities in my life. There was just something about this horse.


    Every day when I would walk by, Sage (that is his name) did the same we would just stare at each other and be with each other, enjoy each other’s company. I wrote a fairy tale story about him and it was about trust. I named him trust because that’s what I feel he brings out in me. I did not feel I would ever feel trust riding a horse and here I was without any doubt in compete trust of this horse. I felt it opened me up generally to life this horse, subconsciously it taught me something important on trust.  



There was this one week in the summer that was very intense and strange. I was walking down the road to go to town.  So it had been a shitty week, I was soooo upset feeling under pressure and not knowing why, and I just about started crying and breaking down, as I was approaching the horses. My body automatically just began to have a feeling that the horses would contribute somehow. Now July for two and a half months had COMPLETELY  ignored me, I mean completely. My connection had been with Sage. As soon as I got to the stable July came running over to me. She let me pet her and stayed with me. She completely switched me, everything disappeared, I felt rebalanced and as myself once more and so grateful for her.


    A few days later where something was happening within me my attention kept going to the horses. I would walk over to the horses then felt fine. A couple of days later I walked over to maybe find the owner of the horses. She was out there with them cleaning. I started talking to her and she told me that July is 31 year old. I told her about the other day and she told me once a woman down the road was very sick and in bed. Although July had never done this before she broke out of the stable ran down the road went to the house of this woman put her head up against her window. The sick person then said to her relative “ok now I can die,” and she died. And then July broke out a second time and went to this woman’s wake hahaha…


I just thought that was lovely, and I experienced her gift myself.

Here is a video of them…not sure what July is doing lol..

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