Why are people always looking to find what is wrong with the other, to criticize, and make them wrong, instead of looking at the beauty in them? We are so full of opinions…this is right this is wrong…I know better blabla. As if our insecurities push us to find fault in the other so we can feel better.

It’s all ideas, points of views nothing more, yet we set as the ultimate truth. Is there such a thing or is it our unique personal truth, to live by but not try and enforce on the other? I wonder how people don’t find it exhausting. We strive so much to find something wrong and even right instead of just being…allowing…life and the other to be….no one is you…look at the gift everyone offers even if in your mind perceives it as negative, painful because that’s how we have learned to perceive it…blaming the other…because they do not meet what YOU want…because your energies do not meet…and perhaps should just remain in the far distance.

   What is this love of finding fault in the other? Pretending we know. Be and let the other be….allow life to be…instead of finding fault all the time there…this judgment of everything around us…..so much energy wasted…energy that can be used to create so much beauty if we just focused on ourselves and our life and being who we are…what satisfies us, empowers us, so we can have peace within.

We are so conditioned to judge ourselves, others, and life that we miss the beauty of the journey…of life, of the other, of ourselves…the bountiful gifts and wisdom that it bestows…awareness begins to drift away…instead enjoy the journey, the ride..be yourself and acknowledge all the unique one of a kind of individuals that surround you…

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