Beauty of Christmas

I have been noticing people’s attitude towards Christmas. People dreading being around family, not being able to be themselves, conflict, doing things they don’t want to do. Viewing Christmas as a hustle, “oh I have to buy this for someone,” sadness etc. Forgetting the beauty behind it. I mean Christmas what a beautiful time!!! An opportunity to show, share your love, be creative. Its such a beautiful energy all around festive, fun, exciting. What are we doing turning something so lovely into blah. Sometimes I wonder if we have straw in our heads instead of brains lol.

I LOVED Christmas as a child!!! I would prepare a couple months ahead making gifts for people up until the day. I would make drawings, cards individually for the members in my family among other things. It was a time I got to share my love for them my gratitude and appreciation. It was sooooo exciting and fun!!! Santa Claus coming, making up gifts I wanted from him that didn’t exist hahaha…

A beautiful time…I loved the communion the energy at that time, people are more open more receptive during this time I feel….the Christmas lights and decorations, the stores decorated in celebration of life, all the little customs that go with it, its just so beautiful!

Every moment of my family tradition was so much fun for me…the opening of presents, feeling everyone’s joy opening their gifts…playing board games, and watching movies…and of course all the sweets…lord the sweets!…cakes and chocolate chip cookies(that was probably my favorite part).

My favorite thing though was people’s openness and joy at this time…the energy that surrounds Christmas. People let go a little at this time perhaps being more of themselves.

Yesterday I sat to get in touch and feel all that joy I felt as a child, the fun, the excitement the good times, amplifying that joy, excitement, love, enthusiasm, bliss, fun and being that energy. When I did, it felt wonderful! I felt immense gratitude. The anticipation, surprises, of opening the gifts, the anticipation of Santa coming and if he will enjoy the drawings I made for him, and on and on..ALL of that…I took all that in..its so is beautiful.

What if I could view, receive everyone and everything as Santa Claus? What if I viewed life as Santa Claus that is present moment by moment every day all day for all eternity? These are some questions that came to me to write down.

Santa Claus represents magic, being, possibility in my eyes. Yet he only comes once a year and people reject even that. What if he was around all day every day? He works hard all year so he can be himself on Christmas day (don’t make me comment on this one please, I rolling my eyes) to be who he is, sharing his gifts receiving gifts from the children and giving gifts, being what his purpose is. So in a way Christmas is a celebration of being and stepping into who we are. Gifting ourselves to others and receiving from others. Isn’t that beautiful? I believe it’s beyond beautiful…

As I was walking last night my little pal I adore, I enjoyed so much walking around the neighborhoods and seeing all the different creativity of Christmas lights, the spirit of it all. I see Christmas as an opportunity for people to open up, have fun, receive, gift, be creative…be….I enjoy tuning into this energy of people gifting others…feeling the children’s joy & excitement. Now that is a gift, focusing on the children, not the negativity surrounding Christmas…but the innocent , joyfulness, excitement for the holidays of the children.

What if we chose to view and feel about Christmas from the energy of how we use to feel about it as children before we got conditioned by the world around us? And if you didn’t have that what if you listened to the children right now? to their Christmas energy and spirit?
Focusing on the beauty and those who are being themselves…the children…and trust me its beyond beautiful if you do. Focus on that immense I mean IMMENSE beauty that is all around. LISTEN…listen to YOU…to your inner being…remember who you are…be open, love, engage, feel, have FUN, LAUGH, with no judgment. Receive it all, love it all.

Me and my little buddy are wishing you a special, beautiful, loving, amazing, fun, playful joyful Christmas…and I am sending you a big hug and kiss!!!!!!!




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