It’s Not Only About Being Yourself….

There is the not –self taking in and being what you are not from the outside world, not knowing who you truly are. There is also being who you are being your unique self and perceiving the world through your eyes, not seeing everyone is different everyone is designed differently and if others are not acting based on how you perceive and experience the world they are wrong.

People accept certain traits characteristics, ideas, emotions, views, behaviors as the truth the universal truth, as the correct way to be based on the not-self the outside world and then also based on who they are.

An ultimate truth does not exist. A right or wrong feeling does not exist, a right or wrong person does not exist, or a thing, or a behavior, or a way to do things or be.

People being themselves and people not being themselves both can be stupid. Being yourself and acknowledging everyone’s uniqueness are two separate things both are necessary in order to eliminate judgment and accept uniqueness. And it begins by being your unique self, loving yourself, then you begin to see….

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