My New Book Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature”

My next book is out 🙂 Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature” Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature” is a continuation of a never ending journey into a wise and wondrous world [ . . . ]

First Time Dancing In The Snow

My first time dancing in the snow…. I was drawn to a spontaneous midnight walk. I went down by the river. The moon was so bright and you could see [ . . . ]

The Solution: Nature, Night, Dancing….

   Yesterday I woke up feeling irritated, icky not knowing why…all day. I was in a bad mood and not myself.  In the nighttime I felt to go for a [ . . . ]

Thinking of The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone?

 The magic of the holiday season is here!!! Thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone? I create special hand written fairy tale stories, let me tell you how…… [ . . . ]

Χαίρε Δάσος Αγριόδασος

Χαίρε δάσος αγριόδασος, Με τον πολυ αέρα, Φουρτουνίζεις πέρα δώθε ελεύθερα, Με τα φύλα τα φθινωπωρινά να κυματίζουν, Μερικά ακόμα συδεδεμένα … Και άλλα στο πάτωμα δημιουργώντας ένα πανέμορφο πολύχρωμο [ . . . ]