Blooms of Poesy

Blooms of Poesy



Beautiful life,
A place where we are surrounded by beautiful energy,
Around every corner,
So blessed we are to be living!
Such a breathtaking place,
Full of adventures, fun, laughter,
So many little details that make it such an exciting journey.
Paint the picture of your endless dreams!
Bring it to fruition!
Take chances,
Live fearlessly,
Laugh carelessly,
Dream endlessly..
Follow your heart's desires,
No matter how impossible they might seem,
Listen…your inner self is calling,
Be the unique beautiful you.


In nature, I feel at peace,
In love with the world around me.
Bathing in the waters of mother earth,
Is but the purest, fastest way,
For one to become in touch with oneself,
Your purpose,
Transcending towards your beings core,
Feeling its true vibration.
Clear energy,
No distractions,
No inner blocks,
No stagnant energy.
Refreshing you,
Bringing you back to reality…
Becoming lost in the game of everyday life,
Is normal,
As hundreds of thousands of everyday interactions can cloud your eyes.
Bombarded by everyone else’s energy around you,
As we are all interconnected,
To clear oneself step out into nature,
Be there, in the water,
Amongst the trees,
In the mountains,
Beside a stream…
Then one can reboot their body, their being,
Cleanse and return to their natural heart’s vibration.
No need for anything else,
No need to search elsewhere,
The most beautiful gift life can offer,
Grows and exists naturally,
On our beautiful planet.



My body is the earth…
The land,
It’s my suffering,
Its concerns are surely mine,
It’s survival…
Well, my survival…
I feel every heartbeat,
Sense every loss,
Breathe, connect, transmute, attain, refrain,
It's all a gain.
Every tree cut down…
Less shade to protect me from the sun.
Every animal killed…
More totems missed to guide me along my way,
Every plant destroyed…
Less medicine to heal my wounds…
Fewer cures to be found.
Every river polluted…
Less fresh water to take a swim…
To journey the salmon.
Every mountain developed…
Less room to take a walk…
To hike up a valley.
Every forest cut down…
Less oxygen in my lungs.
Every fish caught…
Fewer colors, creativity, & imagination.
The rocks are my grounding…
The ocean…my emotions,
The mountains…my strength & power,
The trees…my heart…my being
The plants…my throat…my expression,
The animals…my intuition, my guidance, being.
My body… is the Earth.


Good morning!
Moments and days fly by,
As if a flashing shooting star in the night sky.
Planning for our future,
Always jumping ahead....
Never, focusing on that which truly holds value.....
The present.
Individuals phrase this often....
Do we acknowledge its true meaning?
Do we cherish the present moment?
Are we truly being?
Letting go of thoughtless thoughts, woes, plans, schedules.......
Are we in the moment living life to its fullest?
Any task we may dwell upon, even if it may be the simplest,
Like hanging the clothes, talking, bathing, walking, daydreaming, swimming...
Telling a joke, embracing another being..
Dancing, eating, singing, breathing.......
Everything is full of life!
Being here in full body and being,
Nothing else matters......
All thoughts dissipate......
Everything melts...........
Taken by the breeze.......
All becomes joyful!
Floating with gratitude......
Excitement tingles our skin with vibrancy!
Gifted with all its senses,
Able to experience so many......
Elements, sensations, & feelings.
Let go of the past, the future,
Jump for joy!
Live, be.......
Immerse yourself within the gift of life.


Sunlight Upon my Face

A thousand giggly kisses, 
Twirling in the wind,
Rolling in the grass,
Adorning my body with paint,
Throwing leaves in the air,
Immersed in a plethora of flowers,
Indulging my taste buds in chocolate mousse,
Trying to reach the end of a rainbow,
Jumping in water puddles...
Or maybe a trampoline,
Brushing my hair so appearing as a lion,
Climbing a tree,
Baking an unregistered gateau,
Jump rope,
-The sensations awakened as the sunlight touches my face.