First Time Dancing In The Snow

My first time dancing in the snow…. I was drawn to a spontaneous midnight walk. I went down by the river. The moon was so bright and you could see [ . . . ]

Χαίρε Δάσος Αγριόδασος

Χαίρε δάσος αγριόδασος, Με τον πολυ αέρα, Φουρτουνίζεις πέρα δώθε ελεύθερα, Με τα φύλα τα φθινωπωρινά να κυματίζουν, Μερικά ακόμα συδεδεμένα … Και άλλα στο πάτωμα δημιουργώντας ένα πανέμορφο πολύχρωμο [ . . . ]

Being Nocturnal

I recently discovered according to my chart I am nocturnal and it is really starting to make sense… I always felt at night the most natural and comfortable as if [ . . . ]

Natures Little Pleasures: Wednesday: (a bit late on posting)

   So at first at the pond you would hear the frogs croaking all through the night it was one of my lullabies. Then they stopped disappeared the work was [ . . . ]