Who Would Not Want a Body When You Can Dance?

     My body has become its own guide, I have no role, it takes over…it is effortless….it now speaks…it expresses beyond expression….automatic effortless expression…I don’t do anything…the body taken… drifting…traveling…lost [ . . . ]

Nature’s Little Pleasures: Wednesday

  I came across this tree today on my walk. She inspired me to write a children’s story…. The moon is in the background 🙂 and a squirrel on the [ . . . ]

Fear of Letting go of Everything that Was Not us

What we felt last year, or many years ago, no longer matters…what matters is now what you feel, and sense now. When we attach ourselves to what was then, then [ . . . ]

Are You Truly Being Recognized for Who You Are?

So easily and often we get caught up in that trap of how things were, what used to be, and ignore the now. There is no past or future there [ . . . ]

Nature & I, Instinctual Knowing

  Something I wrote entitled “Nature & I, Instinctual Knowing” If you prefer to read you can do so  bellow 🙂 Nature & I, Instinctual Knowing I feel , see, [ . . . ]

Along the Seawall

   I went back to this special place along the seawall in Vancouver today enjoying my “solitude” with the company of the ocean, shells, rocks, and sun….mmmmm….I played with my [ . . . ]