Not Knowing Where You Are Going

I decided to take a break and went on my wherever it takes me walks….    Perfect temperature…the sun was shinning…I enjoyed you know the white things from the trees [ . . . ]

Nature’s Little Pleasure’s Thursday: Two

One of my favorite things is to be facing and having the sun in my face and just walk. I enjoyed a marvelous beautiful long walk, in the neighborhood. I [ . . . ]

First Day in Grand Forks, Canada

My first day yesterday at grand forks, (well on the outskirts) Canada was beautiful! I am so happy to be out in nature and away from the city, I feel [ . . . ]

Along the Seawall

   I went back to this special place along the seawall in Vancouver today enjoying my “solitude” with the company of the ocean, shells, rocks, and sun….mmmmm….I played with my [ . . . ]