Treea Fairy Tales


The river is quite today, not a single ripple in the water. Nothing moving not even a leaf, as if the Earth was asleep. In fact, she was taking her daily nap...even she needs to rest sometimes as she works so hard every day giving us life and food. 
     It is almost as if life is on pause when she is asleep, a very relaxing time. All the animals and creatures are resting too, there are none around. The birds safely nestled in the trees, the bears in their caves, the rabbits in their burrows. Even the of the most playful mammals are now cuddling with their families. All creatures except one! An animal named Agathos. You see....he never sleeps; he has a very special task he performs... He didn’t always though.

      Once upon a time, he was a mere horse, a shinny white one. He lived among many other horses up in the mountains. Very happy they spent their days grazing and roaming free.  Agathos was especially curious & often would go off alone to explore the never-ending mountains and valleys. One day he traveled a bit too far. He came to a clearing. He knew where he was. Legends had long been told about this place. A dangerous place, where no horse should ever go. Why? They did not know.

Agathos stared at the clearing that was covered with wildflowers...purple, yellow, red and orange. “It sure would be wonderful to run among the flowers,” he thought. He ran and ran taking an occasional playful roll in the flowers. Such fun he had.

As he exited the clearing he came to this stone cottage with a thatched roof. It appeared old but almost glowed as if the sun was shining directly upon it. Next to it was a bubbling brook.  Agathos was enchanted by this magnificent view. The sound of the brook was like music and he felt as if it was singing out to him to come near and drink it. He couldn’t resist. After all, he was thirsty after a long journey and rolling and playing among the flowers.

He began to walk closer and closer as if he was under a magical spell. As he kneeled down and was ready to drink the water a great big owl appeared flying out of the trees. “I know you are thirsty, but I would not drink that water if I were you,” said the owl. “Why not?” Agathos asked confused. “This brook belongs to Sam, a human. He has placed a magical spell over this place. If you drink the water you will no longer have your freedom. You will be forced to live here, in-caged in this little space, carrying Sam on your back to help him perform his daily tasks. You will be fed and taken care of but no longer roam free and wild.” “Runaway now,” the owl said. The words of the owl filled Agatho’s heart with fear but a voice within him told him to stay.

“I would like to meet this Sam and talk to him,” said Agathos. He could not understand why someone would want to capture another through trickery.  The owl impressed by his bravery said: “You only need to walk into the cottage, Sam is in there.”

A little hesitant Agathos walked into the cottage. There stood a man with bright red hair. Sam was surprised and shocked at the horse’s entrance.  Agathos looked at him straight into his eyes “Why have you enchanted the water to trick us into becoming yours?” he asked. “One day as I was on the roof laying more straw I slipped and fell. Since then my left leg has never mended completely. I need a horse to travel through the forest to gather food, to carry my things and help me perform my daily tasks and to keep me company. So I placed this spell." Agathos looked to the left and saw this pretty white thing. “What is that?” he asked. “That is a bridle. It is placed on the horse’s head so that I may ride it. Once it is placed on the horse, my partner he shall always be.”

The horse felt Sam’s pain and loneliness. Agathos could have run away at this moment, after all, all Sam needed to do was shut the door and place the bridle on him. “I have a better idea,” said Agathos. “Come with me and I shall take you to my herd. There are thousands of horses that roam these lands. I am sure there will be one that would want to live here with you, be fed, groomed and live in this beautiful place. You may place the bridle on me and I will take you, but you have to promise me that you will then let me go. I am meant to roam free, travel and explore the mountains.” The owl watched from the window. Agathos was taking a big risk but he somehow knew and trusted that he was making the right choice. Sam agreed and off they went.

They traveled long distances through beautiful forests, valleys and mountain tops. Through the journey, Sam got to understand how Agathos loved to roam and be free. How happy that made him...this is who he was. He understood Agathos was not meant to be his horse.

They finally reached the herd and the herd gathered around them. Agathos explained to them Sam’s situation, how he needed some help and companionship and lived in a beautiful home. “Does anyone want to be Sam’s partner?” Immediately Frontida, a young light brown colored horse almost like honey stepped up with tears in her eyes. “Whenever I would hear stories of humans and horses, babbling brooks, and homes I would feel an aching in my heart. I wished I could be one of those horses. It’s always been my dream. I would love to be your helper, Sam.”

Sam was greatly touched by Frondida’s words. “Thank you,” he said with tears rolling down his eyes. He realized what a mistake he had made and learned an important lesson. That he cannot take anything with force it is wrong. All he had to do was to ask, there was no need for trickery. Sam then took the bridle off of Agathos and placed it on Frontida and off they went where they lived a beautiful and long life.

The owl impressed by Agatho’s kind and loving heart and bravery gave him wings so that he may travel as far as he could ever want and so that he may share his gift of a loving heart with other humans so that they may learn to live with horses in a peaceful and loving way, making one of the most beautiful partnerships the world has ever seen.

Since then he has been known as the winged horse.

 Agathos (αγαθός) means one of a pure heart.

Frontida (φροντίδα) means caring.


Pathos: The Panther

   Once upon a time there was silence among the rainforest, it was covered in mist. Among the mist two green eyes appeared…that of a black panther. The panther quietly walked looking around and wondering why the rainforest was so silent today. He was apprehensive. The mist carried his essence, he felt comfortable in it. He enjoyed it…he was part of it. So it was not the mist that disturbed him it was how suddenly all sound vanished, not even one bird was chirping. He was not afraid but felt cautiousness; maybe he was always a little too cautious, suspicious. This was before he discovered who he was. 

He usually wandered around the rainforest alone watching every footstep he made. That’s why he really enjoyed the mist because he remained hidden from life. He remained in solitude conversing only if he had to. He especially loved the moon; he would spend hours gazing at the moon.

On that day where everything stood still it was almost as if someone had pushed a button and all life, everything froze. He was serious and felt uneasy. He then heard a whisper “Pathos,” echo three times. The mist cleared a little enough to see a small brown frog with green dots on it. The frog whispered that word again. “What is pathos?” asked the panther. “That is what you hold in your heart,” answered the frog. “What does that mean?” he asked. “It means passion,” said the frog. One that holds pathos shares and invokes a passion in others, whether it be passion for life, adventure, strength, or anything else. You can awaken that in others, it is your gift. It is what drives you, what moves you…what guides you through life. 

“I don’t have that,” said the panther. ‘You do” said the frog, “you are just keeping it hidden, you have not embraced it yet.” “Hhhhmmmm…” said the panther with his normal suspicious attitude. The frog croaked and croaked laughing along. “Come with me,” he said. “Let go, relax. Hop with me!” “I don’t hop, I am a panther.” “So what? You can do anything you want” responded the frog. “Hhhmmm,” said the panther. “Just try it,” said the frog. So the panther hoped. “Well it is kind of fun,” he said. So he hoped again. He began to hop with the frog in the lake and soon forgot about how cautious he had to be. He was too busy hoping along feeling the drops of water splashing over him…until he was completely drenched. But he did not care. The more he let go the more he felt free. 

He began to feel all sorts of emotions! Stillness, happiness, joy, humor, mystery, playfulness, guilt, fear, sadness anxiety, hurt – this made him stop. It was almost as though all feelings kept inside him were been released and floating away. “It is ok,” said the frog. “All feelings and emotions are good, as long as you do not keep them hidden, they are all beautiful. A tear then came down the panther’s left eye. He felt relief…then came another tear down his right eye..and another and another. It began to rain. At first, his tears were that of sadness but soon…they became tears of joy. The rain cleared away the rainforest pouring and pouring with thunder and lightning. 

“This is your true self.” said the frog “thunder and lightning.” It rained and rained until the sun came out. The rainforest was as alive as ever. The birds chirping, the tree’s branches speaking through the wind, the monkeys leaping from tree to tree…occasionally annoying each other. The panther’s tears had become the rain, washing away all emotions to bring in new life. With the rain the plants grew, the trees and animals drank and new flowers grew. 

“Always follow the rain’s example,” said the frog.

From that day on the panther embraced his pathos which occasionally now and again would bring the shedding of tears, bringing new life to the rainforest.  

Pathos άθος) means passion.

Kaimi: The Cougar

   Once upon a time, there were these pair of shoes...ancient, and mystic. A pair of shoes you say? Yes. But they were unlike any others. Beneath these skin colored moccasins lay a symbol, a secret symbol that reveals a story. One of bravery, mockery, endeavors.
It goes like this...once upon a time, there was a cougar named Kaimi. Kaimi roamed free, upon the mountains, spending his time running, climbing, playing, exploring. Such a beautiful life he had. He especially liked this particular cave deep in the mountains. A cave decorated in magnificent flowstones, stalactites, stalagmites, and helictites. 

     He loved it so much that he would visit it daily. As he entered he would take a deep breath and breathe in that refreshing air and sigh in content. Every cell in his body would tingle in joy as he knew an adventure lay ahead. Admiring the stalactites, and stalagmites how they changed each day, their shapes transforming the landscape, constantly moving and changing...this cave was huge! It was endless. Kaimi knew there was something special about it.

  This was Kaimi’s favorite thing to do, to explore the cave’s crevices.  He would take different paths each day. Sometimes he would come across water, which meant play time as he would jump up and down, splashing the drops high in the air all over the crystals and stalagmites accentuating their that they almost looked like they were shinning. He had even made friends with the bats that dwelled in the cave. Sometimes if it became a little dark they would direct him, telling him which way to go so he could never get lost no matter how far he ventured.

  There was one bat, in particular, he was really good friends with,...Oread. Oread enjoyed exploring the cave with Kaimi too, so they began to explore the cave day after day together with enthusiasm in their hearts at what they would find. Each day sprang a new surprise. Oh, the things they would find! Once they even found some ancient carvings on the stones from early ancestors, another they found ancient coins, somehow this cave every day presented them with the gift of finding something new. Whether that was a strange looking flower, a rectangular shaped insect with colors unlike what you have ever seen, an oddly shaped crystal. There was always a new discovery!

   One day they went further down the right side of the cave then they had ever been. Oread stopped and said “You know Kaimi, have you ever noticed that this cave is never completely dark? It is unlike other caves. Here wherever and no matter how far we roam it seems to light up just enough so that we can always see. Almost as if someone is turning a switch every time we pass through.” “Hhhhmmm…” said Kaimi. “You’re right.” He walked in silence for a little while but soon was distracted by the stunning colors of the stones.  In front of them were two ways they could go. “Which way?”Asked Oread. Kaimi looked to the right and saw a red iridescent color. “Let’s go this way.” He answered.

   As they went down the path the red became brighter & brighter, until they were immersed in the red light energy. They could not see past the red light it was so bright. As they entered what appeared like a room the brightness lessened. “Where is that coming from?” said Kaimi. He looked around and on the wall saw an image of these shoes. They were moccasins. He tilted his head to the side in curiosity as to what could those shoes be. Slowly, slowly he drew closer to the wall. They were lit up, however, there was movement above and around them...a gold energy making circular movements. Kaimi was hypnotized.

Suddenly red color started pouring out of the shoes drawing a symbol. Kaimi continued to look in silence and taking a few steps closer so that he was nearly touching the wall. The symbol began to swirl around his head...then moving around his whole body. He stood in perfect stillness with closed eyes. He felt serene, tranquil, happy...Encircled by a red/golden energy. It felt as though it was part of him, almost as if discovering a part of himself, reuniting. The symbol then made its way to his heart and entered his body becoming part of his heart. That moment he saw an image! He then jumped back and opened his eyes, surprised and the shoes slowly slowly faded away.

   Oread flew over to him landing on a beautiful emerald green rock above him. “What did you see?” she asked him. Kaimi with a smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes said“time to go.” They exited the room & as they turned around it disappeared. The room was no longer. Kaimi turned to Oread and said: “I know now what we shall name this cave? “Oh reeeaaalllyyy? What would that be?” said Oread. “The Answer To Your Dreams.” Oread smiled with happiness in her eyes. A green light began to surround her and she slowly vanished. Kaimi was sad to see her go but he knew somehow, somewhere he would be meeting her again.

   He exited “The Answer to Your Dreams” feeling grateful for all the experiences he had had and knowing it was the last time he would be exploring and seeing this cave. He said thank you and uttered one of the gentlest and most musical roars you have ever heard.
What did Kaimi see that day? Well that my another story.
Kaimi means seeker.
Oreads (ορειάδες) are the nymphs of the mountains and caves.

Entharinsi: The Yellow Butterfly

Once upon a time lived a beautiful yellow butterfly named Entharinsi. She lived by a lake filled with dragonflies, damselflies, ducks, otters, bald eagles, two herons and water lilies.

     Entharinsi enjoyed spending her time by the sand outside of the lake. She would flutter around and land in the sand using her proboscis to dig down in the sand as if she was drinking in the sand.

    No one knew why she did this, I guess she loved sand! Entharinsi was sooooo friendly anyone would walk up to her. She had no fear.

    Once I sat right next to her with my camera right in her face. Entharinsi just continued on doing her thing. She brought joy to everyone around her as she flew around happy exploring the adventures of life.  Usually, butterflies shy away, but not Entharinsi!

    She was who she was, enjoying her life. By doing this she encouraged all the butterflies around her to have courage. To live with joy, to have fun, to be who they are. That even though butterflies are “suppose” to be hanging out in gardens and flowers if they chose or desired something else they could.

   Entharinsi would not bring joy to others and be so beautiful if she was hanging out in the garden just because that’s what butterflies do! No Entharinsi was meant for the sand by the lake, and by allowing herself to do so she was a very happy butterfly and made everyone around her happy too.


Entharinsi (ενθάρρυνση) means encouragement.


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     She was bursting in bloom. Pink flowers everywhere, covering every branch. Her trunk was full of moss. She lived in a neighborhood in Kirkland, in the state of Washington. Her name was Paramithou.

    Paramithou had really special roots. All trees do, but her roots were particularly magical. They extended far far out there, in all directions. Her roots were home to many underground creatures. Specifically the Flamingoloons and the Lemur Bears. The Flamingoloons looked like flamingos but were much smaller and instead of pink they also were lavender in color. Now the Lemur Bears were very similar to the lemur mouse if you have ever seen one, however, they are a little larger and they were light green and lavender.

   They were also the Snakertilies. A type of snake that was lavender with light green sparkles. The Snakertilies would curl up underneath right where Paramithou’s roots began to extend out. They lived closer to her trunk.

    The Flamingoloons made a small nest on top of the roots with the earth there from under the ground. Paramithou did not mind. There was also the Earth Blooms that looked like flowers. They grew all around Paramithou’s roots. They had a magnificent aroma that smelled like vanilla lollipops. The Lemur Bears slept under them.

   They were all friends the Flamingoloons, the Lemur Bears, the Earth Blooms, and the Snakertilies. They loved Paramithou, and she loved them.

   Paramithou lived and had friends above ground and bellow ground.

    She would tell them all stories about life above ground. The people that passed by, the cars, the squirrels, and bunnies, the birds that would fly and sing songs on her branches. She also told the creatures above ground about the creatures bellow. Paramithou never ran out of stories to tell! There were so many fascinating events happening above and below.

   The moon also listened with curiosity and excitement about the earth down bellow. And the moon would tell Paramithou about the amazing interesting things she saw out there in space and on earth as she had the best view in town!

    She saw all kinds of fascinating things from way up there. The moon never interfered or judged what they would be doing, she only observed as if she was watching a very funny movie. Sometimes she giggled at the things humans and animals did. Even the trees did some silly things occasionally!

    Paramithou made it possible for the moon and the creatures above to share their life, and experiences and funny stories with the creatures below.

   The creatures above never got to meet the creatures bellow in person but it did not matter. They all made each other’ life even more of an adventure. Especially the Lemur Bear they laughed a lot. Whenever they heard a story they would lie on their back with their front and back paws swirling them around as they laughed and laughed. Even the Snakertilies which were naturally serious creatures could not help but laugh a little too at this sight.

   When Paramithou would laugh her pink flowers would drop and float down to the ground. So you knew she was a joyful creature.


Paramithou (Παραμυθού) means storyteller.


Athootita: The Cherry Blossom


       Once upon a time in the middle of a small park in Austria, was this beautiful cherry blossom tree. Her name was Athootita. She stood in the middle of an open area full of grass. Athootita was truly magical! Covered in pink flowers, she sparked. Occasionally a breeze would come causing a rain shower of pink petals flying elegantly, like snow.

    Athootita was invisible to most people. Hundreds of people walked inside the park in a day yet not many noticed her. This was quite strange as she was spectacularly gorgeous. She always made sure she was completely covered in flowers.

    Each of Athootita’s branch was different and beautiful in its own way.  Each made a stunning photograph. Her pink flowers were so special that you could not help but stare at them for hours!

 The bees loved Athootita too! And some butterflies too!

    Athootita was Rein and Ma`ema`e’s best friend. Rein was eight years old, and had long straight blonde hair. She was from Germany.  Ma`ema`e was ten years old, with long straight black hair. She was from Hawaii from the island of Kauai. Rein and Ma`ema`e would visit Athootita often.

    They would place Athootita’s trunk in the middle, and make a circle around her, holding their hands together, swinging around. This was their favorite thing to do! They especially loved it when Athootita would move her branches, so that there would be a rainfall of pink petals flying all around them, covering their hair.  Athootita did it every day.

     One day as Rein and Ma`ema`e were running and swinging around Athootita’s trunk giggling and feeling so happy, a swarm of white butterflies came and landed on Athootita’s trunk. The butterflies made a circle around Athootita’s trunk as well. It looked like a beautiful butterfly reef. Rein and Ma`ema`e felt even more excited now. “Welcome,” they said to the butterflies.

     All the butterflies had a black dot on their one wing. The girls and the butterflies began to make circles around and around.  Athootita made circles with her pink flower petals. The bees watching, decided to do the same. You can imagine how beautiful this view was!  The children, then a little bit above the butterflies, then above that a ring of pink petals, and above that the gentle loving bees.

    Shortly after some hummingbirds joined in too! The rabbits in curiosity slowly began to gather around Athootita, making an outer ring around Rein and Ma`ema`e.

       Athootita made it so that every being was floating in a rain shower of pink petals. They all felt as if they were traveling in an enchanting dream.

    After a few minutes, they stopped.  Rein and Ma`ema`e leaned with their back against Athootita and stood there feeling immensely happy and grateful. The butterflies and rabbits did the same. The bees and hummingbirds landed on her branches. They all remained silent and still enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of these moments.

   This was Athootita’s gift. Her innocence brought joy to all the creatures around her, showing them what an amazing beautiful gift life is. She allowed each one’s innocence to shine and be.


Athootita (αθωότητα) means innocence in Greek.

 Ma`ema`e means pure in Hawaiian

 Rein means pure in German.

Apotelesmatiki: The Heron

    There was a swirl of black about the sky. It swirled and swirled moving in no particular direction, sometimes left, sometimes right, up and down. In the middle, there was some white. Suddenly out of it emerges the shape of a dragon swirling until it burst into black and white sparkles.

  The sparkles slowly slowly drifted down to the earth onto the green grass. A heron was there. Although an unusual site the heron remained its natural calm self barely even acknowledging the sparkles.

  The sparkles motivated the heron to walk. Due to her tall features, half her body was above the grass so she could see all around.

  Many creatures could not do so as they remained beneath the grasses, unaware of the vast world above.

The heron’s name was Apotelesmatiki.

  Apotelesmatiki had a very strong spirit, like a warrior. She was never afraid to voice her opinion, which made her have an honest and real quality to her.

  Apotelesmatiki was great at guiding and leading others as well.

  She was especially good at leading the green turtles of the pond. Often she would meet them at the pond. They would gather around in piles. Apotelesmatiki would stand in front of them and tell them stories. Mainly she would teach them how not to be afraid and spend more of their time outside of the shell.

  She was especially helpful when they fell upside down, she would guide them how to get back up.

  Apotelesmatiki taught the turtles in a playful manner. They had a special game they played where the turtles would be jumping in and out of the water.  Apotelesmatiki knew that even though she was serious about her position, and that structure was needed, that it could also be fun. Apotelesmatiki would just watch and direct.

   One day as they were playing and learning Apotelesmatiki noticed one turtle on the side just sitting and watching and not engaging in jumping in the water with others. Apotelesmatiki walked up to him. The turtle was half brown and green.

“Not going to jump in the water?” Asked Apotelesmatiki.

“No, I rather watch,” answered the turtle as he looked ahead.

“Hhhmmm…” said Apotelesmatiki. The brown and green turtle was very serious and continued looking straight ahead.

“You know you are a turtle and meant to be in the water right?” said Apotelesmatiki.

 “I don’t care,” responded the turtle.

   Apotelesmatiki sat down next to him, silent, watching the other turtles bouncing back and forth into the water.

  “I don’t really get along with the other turtles,” he said. “And it’s much more calmer out here.”  Apotelesmatiki remained silent still looking ahead.

She then got up. “Well, I am going to go try out the water.”

   She entered the pond and laid on her back floating; she looked sooo relaxed that the turtle became a little envious.

“Would you like to come sit on my belly?” asked Apotelesmatiki.

“Sure,” responded the turtle. The turtle walked over and climbed onto Apotelesmatiki’s stomach.

  He was a little timid. Apotelesmatiki made a few very slow gentle spins in the water. The turtle began to feel very safe and relaxed now too. They did this for hours very gracefully floating among the calm water.

   “I am going to try it myself,” said the turtle. Apotelesmatiki just nodded her head calmly. The turtle slowly slid down off of Apotelesmatiki’s belly and with his belly facing up towards the sky and his back up against the water began to float.

“This is even better!” exclaimed the turtle. Apotelesmatiki nodded again.

   The turtle could now determine the direction of his flow in the pond, he could feel the power of his body, it was very empowering.

  Apotelesmatiki got out of the water and watched the turtle enjoy his journey as she returned back to the grasses.

Apotelesmatiki (αποτελεσματική) means effectual.