Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature”

Treea Fairy Tales

"Gentle Nature" 

Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature” is a continuation of a never ending journey into a wise and wondrous world full of earth’s animals and the vast terrain of nature. The mystery of life is wrapped in a gift of adventure within fairy tales. This book is overflowing with fun, magic, dreams, empowerment, awareness, beauty and so much more. There is no such thing as age or time upon this journey only a world of boundless freedom. Each story has a special message for you.  

Here are some stories of beautiful sweet creatures sharing their tales, so you can journey into their land of wisdom and gentleness and discover some secret messages just for you.

   I wonder what gift each story will whisper to you? No matter who you are or where you are, you are about to embark on an enchanting, magical journey into the world within and beyond.

    Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature,” is an expression of my being, these stories came from deep within. It makes me one of the happiest people alive that I get to share them with you now. I will not define them, I will leave that up to you, allowing these stories to unfold on their own, and the book to speak for itself.

    Enjoy with all your being and never stop believing in the magic of life!!!!

For ages 0-Infinite.



Table of Contents

Intro…page 1

Armonia: The Butterfly…page 2

Ekserevnitis: The Eagle…page 6

Storgi: The Turtle…page 10

Diesthisi: The Lynx…page 14

A Fun Day in the Savannah…page 20

The White Wooden Boat…page 26

Being my Ethereal Self…page 30

My Adventure Into Writing…page 38



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