Treea Fairy Tales “The Culture of Trees”

Treea Fairy Tales

"The Culture of Trees"

    Treea Fairy Tales “The Culture of Trees” is here to journey you into a wise and wondrous world of trees. The mystery of life is wrapped in a gift of adventure within fairy tales. This book is overflowing with fun, magic, dreams, empowerment, awareness, and beauty and you can participate by creating your own illustrations at the end of each story. So you can see the magic of each tree and their secret life that humans often do not see.

     Like humans, trees have their own culture, their own way of life, system and customs. This book is the beginning of a series to introduce you to the culture of trees! These stories are about real trees that I have met in my life. They are living somewhere around the world spreading their magic across the land.

Enjoy a fairy tale journey into the life of trees.

Table of Contents

Intro…page 1

Astor and Drisea…page 3

Emilie & the Rainbow Adventures…page 9

Lycka…page 15

The Fellowship of Trees…page 20

Oramatistis…page 23


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Some Examples of Stories


         (Here he is)


Once upon a time, there was a tree named Orizontios.

      Orizontios lived on the pretty island of Lopez in the United States. His home was on a cliff rock. Orizontios lived halfway between the rocky cliffs and the great big ocean below. Instead of growing straight up vertically out of the cliff he grew sprouting out sideways horizontally out of the rocks! He was quite the sight.
   All around him his tree friends were rooted growing straight up towards the sun and sky and there was Orizontios doing his own thing. He grew differently from his fellow trees near the edge of the cliff and close to the ocean standing and sticking out amongst them all.

    Orizontios was very bold! Strong! He did not care what the other trees were doing he did what was true for him. The other trees would argue that he is not safe there on the edge of the cliff and that he will not survive growing like that, it was impossible. Orizontios knew though this is how he was meant to be. He was very happy being his unique self.

     Orizontios grew the way he grew because one day the wind blew its hardest wind and changed the direction of his trunk. Instead of resisting and thinking, “well this is not how trees grow,” he allowed the wind to blow and he went with the wind. He felt it was the correct thing to do and allowed life to guide him in the right direction. “This is who you truly are,” said the wind.
     As soon as Orizontios had changed direction by the will of the wind he felt so excited and knew a life of new adventures and joy awaited him. It really did not make sense and it was a little scary but he just knew and trusted the wind and life. Orizontios knew the wind and life was a great teacher. It was the best decision he ever made. He lived the happiest and most fun life ever!!! Many birds stopped and perched on his branches resting and enjoying the beautiful view, he was the best chair ever!

     Orizontios could always see what the passing boats, fish, and orcas were doing in the ocean. He had a front-row seat all the time. He even had a really good friend who lived down below him. A red crab named Lucifer.

 Orizontios lived a happy life forever and ever and ever.

Athootita: The Cherry Blossom

    Once upon a time in the middle of a small park in Austria, was this beautiful cherry blossom tree. Her name was Athootita. She stood in the middle of an open area full of grass. Athootita was truly magical! Covered in pink flowers, she sparked. Occasionally a breeze would come causing a rain shower of pink petals flying elegantly, like snow.

      Athootita was invisible to most people. Hundreds of people walked inside the park in a day yet not many noticed her. This was quite strange as she was spectacularly gorgeous. She always made sure she was completely covered in flowers.

     Each of Athootita’s branch was different and beautiful in its own way.  Each made a stunning photograph. Her pink flowers were so special that you could not help but stare at them for hours!

  The bees loved Athootita too! And some butterflies too!

     Athootita was Rein and Ma`ema`e’s best friend. Rein was eight years old, and had long straight blonde hair. She was from Germany.  Ma`ema`e was ten years old, with long straight black hair. She was from Hawaii from the island of Kauai. Rein and Ma`ema`e would visit Athootita often.

     They would place Athootita’s trunk in the middle, and make a circle around her, holding their hands together, swinging around. This was their favorite thing to do! They especially loved it when Athootita would move her branches, so that there would be a rainfall of pink petals flying all around them, covering their hair.  Athootita did it every day.

     One day as Rein and Ma`ema`e were running and swinging around Athootita’s trunk giggling and feeling so happy, a swarm of white butterflies came and landed on Athootita’s trunk. The butterflies made a circle around Athootita’s trunk as well. It looked like a beautiful butterfly reef. Rein and Ma`ema`e felt even more excited now. “Welcome,” they said to the butterflies.

     All the butterflies had a black dot on their one wing. The girls and the butterflies began to make circles around and around.  Athootita made circles with her pink flower petals. The bees watching, decided to do the same. You can imagine how beautiful this view was!  The children, then a little bit above the butterflies, then above that a ring of pink petals, and above that the gentle loving bees.

    Shortly after some hummingbirds joined in too! The rabbits in curiosity slowly began to gather around Athootita, making an outer ring around Rein and Ma`ema`e.

       Athootita made it so that every being was floating in a rain shower of pink petals. They all felt as if they were traveling in an enchanting dream.

     After a few minutes, they stopped.  Rein and Ma`ema`e leaned with their back against Athootita and stood there feeling immensely happy and grateful. The butterflies and rabbits did the same. The bees and hummingbirds landed on her branches. They all remained silent and still enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of these moments.

     This was Athootita’s gift. Her innocence brought joy to all the creatures around her, showing them what an amazing beautiful gift life is. She allowed each one’s innocence to shine and be.


Athootita (αθωότητα) means innocence in Greek.

 Ma`ema`e means pure in Hawaiian

 Rein means pure in German.