If you Were an Ingredient


In my recent travels in Seattle I met a lovely human being named Tiberio who is a chef and bridges art, and sensuality into  his craft. He has a lovely book named La Figa which has photos of people wearing nothing but a certain ingredient. In the book it gives recipes and talks about food and sensuality. It is quite lovely.

As we were talking he told me when he looks at people, he looks at their body and sees a certain food and ingredient. He went on explaining me his view and art which I found very interesting. So then I asked “so what ingredient am I then?” he answered: “A red chili pepper,” and named me peperonchino.

My first response was a red chili pepper? I do not like peppers and chili peppers at all. I was hoping for chocolate or whip cream or something like that lol. So I asked later on: “so what does a chill pepper represent to you. Why did you pick that for me?” He said “it is powerful. It is like fire.”

I loved it then 🙂 

Peperonchino it is 🙂

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