If you Were an Ingredient

    In my recent travels in Seattle I met a lovely human being named Tiberio who is a chef and bridges art, and sensuality into  his craft. He has [ . . . ]

Best Decision I Ever Made

I am camping on a beautiful ten acre property on Orcas island. Trees, plants, and a lovely pond. Amazing birds and dragonflies and damselflies everywhere. The people on the property [ . . . ]

Meet Festios

Nature’s Little Pleasures: Thursday:   Meet Festios, (this is what I named him) an orange solitary fish outside in the small pond. Normally he hides when you go up to [ . . . ]

Tree House on Orcas Island

I arrived on Orcas Island yesterday. What an incredibly beautiful place! Trees everywhere, beautiful homes and people. A small hidden treasure. Today I wrote a story up here in this [ . . . ]