Thinking of The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone?

 The magic of the holiday season is here!!! Thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone?

I create special hand written fairy tale stories, let me tell you how……


  • I ask what story you are to be given and then I intuitively write whatever story comes for your special someone.
  • Usually the story begins with an animal although not always…this animal represents them in their life. Many times it involves a second animal, which is usually your guide, an animal that has something to teach them, show them, or perhaps the hidden beauty within them.
  • Along with the story they will be given info on the symbolism of their animals. It might take a different format, you never know!


Would you like to gift one to your special someone or to yourself?


   All I require is a photo and the name of your loved one then my writing begins and unfolds into a beautiful story filled with adventure, characters and messages uniquely for this individual wrapped into a perfect magical hand written fairy tale to be gifted from you with love……a lifetime gift…..


Christmas special!!!!
Discount price until December 31st  only $55!


Some testimonials:


“Along life’s journey of many turns and twists, up’s and down’s, trying to figure things out for ourselves……making sense of things is not easy. My story gave me delightful insight to the hidden not so obvious. Shedding light onto a new direction with a fun, loving script and joyous way, that freed a part of me I did not know was not able to take off and soar. I have been touched in such a way my smile means more than just hello. I am flying again!! This was a story, my story, I did not live physically but lived emotionally in the moment. I read it many times over and I treasure it always!!!!!
Oooh, how I love my story!!! It was so much fun!!! I cried from joy because it was like you looked into my soul, saw what was going on, reached in there and presented me with a message I so much needed to guide me where I needed to go in life!!! Thank you from the whole of my heart!!!!”
-Eve D. M.


“An extremely interesting read. I have read my story more than once and I have received a different meaning/message each time, all are extremely accurate. It is amazing how accurate it is and how relevant it is to my life at any given time. My story has given me Hope, Direction and Purpose. My story constantly reminds me why I do what I do, and why I live the life I live. Thank you for writing this for me, for this gift.”
-Alan Strauss


“You are a genius storyteller. This story is me! There are some key words and key observations in the story and the main key word is ACCEPTANCE. The story is so accurate and has helped me see myself maybe for the first time. I want to let people know they have a lifetime opportunity to find where their destiny lies through your special ability to bring insightful information their way.”
-Peter Livesey


“Gaia has a gift for telling stories that are both familiar and fantastical. It’s impossible to read her work without getting a sense of her earnest goodwill and equanimity, how she values all life, from the animal characters in her stories to the trees she cares for. Her stories are vital, spontaneous, imaginative, whimsical and poignant. The feeling one gets from reading her stories are of stepping into a Henri Rousseau painting. Everything is just a little more vibrant, and you’re delightfully surprised at what flora and fauna you might encounter.”
-Jonah Dempcy


“Gaia’s fairy tale provided much needed insight on a lot of things. There was no question that the animals she selected for me were perfect. Her story acted as that what I needed as a sense of re-orientation, re-igniting my spiritual awareness and calmness.”
-Venessa Quatre
“What a delight it was to receive my personalized fairy tale from Gaia. It was as though she saw me through her ethereal sight and found the magical fairy essence within me and immortalized it in a story. Loved it.”
– Reena Kumarasingham


“Sometimes I lose track of what I am doing in life and where I am going. Life happens so fast and it is constantly changing. Reading the story reminded me of how I need to stop and listen to the things that make me happy and that I need balance in my life. Instead of thinking what to do I must remember to listen to my being. The answers will come if I am listening.”
-Robert Nakamura


“Hi Gaia. I would like to thank you so much for the nice story you wrote for me. It is very inspirational and every time I read it, I get a new message. It is interesting how certain words and phrases sound different each time. Interestingly I can find traits of my character with both acting characters.”
-Vasilis Capsis


For examples of some Fairy Tales go to:

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To order your own Treea Fairy Tale story with your inspirational message email me at:

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