The Solution: Nature, Night, Dancing….

   Yesterday I woke up feeling irritated, icky not knowing why…all day. I was in a bad mood and not myself.  In the nighttime I felt to go for a walk down by the water. As soon as I walked out in the night company I felt restored, it felt so wonderful. The feeling went away. I walked listening to my music. I forgot how important for me it is to just be able to just take off whenever I want and walk.

   I went down by the water. I felt beautiful, the water, the trees, the quietness..I felt restored.  And of course I ended up dancing. I had forgotten that as well. That’s what my body requires to be restored…being outside in nature and night and dancing. Was the difference between night and day.  I have been so immersed in working on my books and projects that I have been indoors every day and forgot my being requests to be out in nature especially at night.

   Also for those in Human Design my environment is wide valleys which I am at but I walked down by the water so I was literally among the valley.

and I am soooo grateful the weather still allows me to do this…its been so beautiful…

   I also found the spot where I am going to put my trees Driopi and Pappous to decompose.  I have been carrying them around with me as I travel from place to place even though they have been gone before I even got to them. I had been waiting until I found the right spot and right moment. I had not found the spot I felt was the one. Now I have and  I am now ready to let go of them….


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