Human Design -Type: Projector


 You know projectors often forget that if someone doesn’t recognize you it’s not that they don’t care about you, that they are mean or are purposely harming you…it really isn’t. They could love you to death but yet it’s just not correct to invite you…not meant to be…not the right time.

   Humans so often make it negative, wrong, bad…it’s not wrong they are not recognizing you it is merely not correct for both of you at this moment it time…maybe because it would take you off your path to receive an even better amazing incredible one in the future.

   The other is functioning from their point of view, their reality, their perspective which may not align with yours…

   Same thing goes for generators (or any other type) if you are not being given something to respond to…it doesn’t mean it’s an attack, a lack of caring, or love, something done on purpose, it could even mean the opposite….they care but are inviting you for what they think is correct based on them, they are not seeing you, it is not personal.

  We try so hard so often to make reasons for everything instead of allowing it to be…just be…we have to turn it into something right or wrong. Same thing goes if someone does invite you or recognize you that doesn’t mean “oh they are great” they care, “they see me”…it just is….

Remember it is not whether the other is correct, it is whether they are correct for you…

  The invitation would have to allow both of you the dynamics the mechanics to be yourself…to thrive and be correct in the best way possible.

  Instead of blaming, judging, what if we just allowed others to be with their choices, and allowed life to be?

Trust, be, allow…..

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