Recognizing Differentiation

   I was just pondering about the different motivations and views according to the Human Design System (the science of differentiation) and how it frames the way we perceive the world.

  A person with a motivation of desire is going to want to change the world, lead people in a better direction, so their life, their view, their reality will always be filled with things that can be better, seeing that we are not quite there. A person with a motivation of innocence is just interested in being, being happy and content in the now, its not about changing anything it s not going to view the world as something that needs to change, just be, and that is healthy for them.

  A person with a motivation of guilt is always looking for something to fix and people to fix, so their life and the world will always be filled with situations and people to fix.

  A person with a view of wanting sees the need the wanting that lack in the world right? Now they can provide that, that’s their gift so the world is always going to include wanting and need in order for that person to be themselves.

  For the person with a view of power who are here to see the winners and losers and keep score the world will always be filled with winners and losers.

  The person with the view of possibility when being themselves will live a life where everything is possible so that has to exist in the world as well. Possibility has a place as well.

   So everything exists and has a function. Need, wanting, winners and losers, being, all have a place and role in the world, an important function.

   We just have labeled certain things as good and bad, but it’s not about that is it? it’s just about correctness for each person in the world. It’s kind of like we try to find fault in the world yet is their really? We deem religion, politics, money or whatever that is as bad, as the cause, that it shouldn’t exist.

   Is it a matter of whether this should exist and this not? Or is it just that there is distortion and the not self running around rampantly? It’s not about eliminating anything, it is about assigning each element to its proper owner without deeming it wrong just because the person that is expressing it is functioning out of its not self and that is not really them. Representing something that isn’t them.

  This is why we can see the beauty in everything right? When it is expressed by a person that is truly being themselves and that’s who they are. We accept it we find it beautiful no matter how different their view is from ours, its empowering. A person with a view of survival that is truly being that I mean really being that is truly sooo beautiful, inspiring, and empowering!

  It comes down to one thing. There is no specific way of being, seeing, acting that is right or wrong, good or bad, its whether or not you are being that unique differentiation and not getting lost in taking on another person’s view , motivation, authority, type, center and being the expression of that which is not you.

  If a projector is trying to be a generator we blame and view projectors, as lazy, negative, bitter this and that. “All projectors are this”etc.…A generator who is not using their energy correctly and is always frustrated the projector looks at them and blames them, all generators are stupid, this and that. But is that really true? Are all projectors this way and all generators bad? A generator that is truly being a generator is astonishing! and even though he is completely different from a projector there is acceptance and allowance. A projector that is being a projector being that guide waiting is beautiful! The individual, tribal, and collective are all amazing and beautiful when acting correctly , healthy, as they are designed to be.

  We seem to forget that it is the not-self that distorts things, this is where the ugliness comes in. So everything can be ugly and everything can be beautiful.

   When a person with a motivation of innocence transfers into the motivation of desire and wanting to lead, they suck at it, its not them so then the whole world that is led by the innocents as leaders are going to deem leaders, politicians etc. as bad. Yes only because the true leaders are being innocent, and not in the leadership roles. It’s not that leadership doesn’t work. A person with a motivation of guilt that is transferring into the motivation of hope when the other looks at this person they are going to say “hopeful people are annoying. Hope is the problem.” Yes because those are not truly the hope people and the people that are truly hopeful are out trying to fix everything.

  You know when I was younger I so often would hear one person’s view and opinion and agree, then I would listen to the other person who had the exact opposite opinion and agree with that and see the beauty in it. I used to wonder “well that can’t be right, one has to be wrong .” Because this is the idea, the illusion distortion we have created.

  Look at the human design system. There is no type, profile, motivation, center, view, diet, environment, gate, channel, incarnation cross that is wrong and bad. That’s doesn’t exist. However they all have the potential to take that form. Only when we are not being that which we are, the way we are designed does it all become distorted, there lies the ugliness. In the self in our design there is no such thing, it is perfect for you, you are designed perfectly for you, no one else. Everyone is beyond beautiful, unique and has an extraordinary design, each type, profile is so extraordinary , not good or bad just DIFFERENT.

  It does not matter if your aura is repelling, observing, enveloping if you are both being who you are it works. You see, acknowledge and are seen for who you are.

  This is why I love the Human Design system because it includes everyone and recognizes everyone for who they are, it allows that differentiation. Now what people take from it and how they use it is a whole different story. However we have been given that opportunity, that allowance, that recognition.

   I wonder what would happen if we could be who we are designed to be, and stop trying to create and be something we are not?

Be that beauty you are designed to be…

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